Does Empire Avenue Have a Negative Growth Strategy?

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negative-growthLike many of you, I’ve been concerned that the number of active users on Empire Avenue has not been growing.  In fact, it’s been declining for more than 18 months.

But based on recent comments by EAv CEO, Dups, EAv is apparently not only unconcerned about the lack of growth but  actually striving for it…

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How To Gain Blog Traffic With Targeted Longtail Keywords

Very cool!

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If you’re interested in how to get traffic to your blog, you might think social media is the best way to drive viewers to your site. But there are alternatives—you can gain blog traffic through Ye Olde Fashioned keyword association. The trick is finding the specific longtail keywords your audience is interested in.

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Reading Tea Leaves

Interesting. Has a good reply from DUPS

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downloadI got an interesting question from Adrian and was doing a bit of thinking. He asked:

Not sure how much there is to say but my curiosity is how they are going to get the business accounts fully functional? Like a lot of small business owners, I have a personal profile online as well as that of my company. EAv now have business accounts but you can’t link to things such as FB, G+ and LinkedIn pages as you first need to link to a profile which, of course, is already in use.

Dups, for reasons I can’t discern, makes it tough to understand the future direction of Empire Avenue. When he is pressed, he sends folks to EA’s Corporate Page: I have read this enough times to be certain that I am completely clueless about what it actually means and puzzled why he won’t share a clear vision…

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Even More Community Highlights!

Interesting post by EmpireAvenue. I’m

Empire Kred

Hello again everyone! Are you looking to connect with people who can communicate in 140 characters or less? Maybe you are the type of person who thinks that a picture speaks a thousand words? You might even use both to share your love of Italy!. If any of these descriptions sound like you, then Nick the Intern has you covered, with another Community Highlight!

Are you an observational type of person with the ability to be concise, and a desire to connect with others? Sounds like you might be interested in a little website called Twitter. And if a little birdie has already chirped in your ear about Twitter, then maybe the Twitter Community on Empire Avenue is the right place for you! If you are looking to connect with others, and learn how the people of Empire Avenue use this incredible microblogging platform then look no further than…

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